A successful first year delivering an educational programme to Bishop Heber School | Chester Racecourse

A successful first year delivering an educational programme to Bishop Heber School

As part of a new initiative to deliver an enriching educational programme in conjunction with a local school in the area, Chester Race Company became affiliated with Bishop Heber High School in the summer of 2018.

The school based in Malpas Cheshire has 1300 pupils between the ages of 11 – 18 and following a pledge to the school to deliver relevant workshops, activities and enterprising talks, the race company has now successfully completed its first full school year.

Pupils were taught about the diverse nature of Chester Race Company, how to prepare for the world of work and the opportunities available to them as they progress through academia and prepare to leave for the next phase of their development. A range of engaging experiences were delivered via fun, informative activities throughout the school year, with pupils interacting with various staff members spanning a diverse mix of areas.

First on the timetable during the Autumn Term of 2018, Year 9 students participated in a business enterprise day. The year group was split into small groups, set to compete in a theoretical market place for a top business position. In the morning, sessions focussed on marketing and students were encouraged to get creative by designing their own posters, participating in a photo shoot and constructing a piece of creative writing to accompany their business advert. The afternoon session focused on tasks around budgeting and sales strategy. Without the help of a calculator, students managed their budgets according to the company’s busy schedules. The day brought out the competitive nature of the students and was a great success, with many diligent business plans composed.

Senior students in Years 11, 12 and 13 benefitted from a careers convention in both the autumn and the spring term. Members of the Race Company’s Human Recourses Team, shared their experiences and advised the students on all things from work experience through to the job applications.

In spring, Year 7s were introduced to the programme with an assembly focussing on literacy and maths skills. The education charity, Racing to School was also in attendance, further facilitating the curriculum requirements for Bishop Heber High School.

This summer term saw the Race Company conduct two full days of business workshops, with Year 8’s visiting Chester Racecourse on Monday 1st July for a full day business workshop that featured snapshots from each department within the company, from catering to accounts. Each student was able to ask questions about the background of department members and learn about the variety of roles and skills available and necessary to keep a racecourse running all year round. Students were given a take-home memento of a personalised notebook

Finally, on Tuesday 2nd July, Year 10 students enjoyed a full careers day that focused on four primary areas: job advertising, personal skills, writing and CV and interview skills. There was fantastic feedback from both teachers and pupils, who felt their experiences of the day had benefitted to their personal development.

The programme has been positively received and due to its success, likely to continue into the next school year.