Commonhall Social News

Commo Comedy Club is Back

Wednesday 10th July, 8pm in The Loft

It's that time of the month again... Yes, Commo is back, with six comedians trying out their latest material in the bearpit that is the Commonhall Attic, in the cauldron that is Chester, in the inferno that is Cheshire, in the battleground that is the UK.

Will there be laughs? Possibly.

Will there be dogs at the gig? Statistically unlikely.

Will the #legend himself, Ben Powell be compereing? Certainly.

Will "Big Dog" Selwood treat us to a new 5 min? Maybe.

Will "Gig Liability" Freeman show his face? No, he's away.


See you there. Oh and tell all yer mates 'n' that.