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Top Tips for Turning Vegan and a Delicious Recipe to Try at Home

'Veganuary' is now in full swing and the trend of veganism is continuously on the rise, with statistics showing that one billion more plant-based meals were eaten in UK homes last year in comparison to the year before. In support, we are launching our first Plant-Based Supper Club on the 30th January. Those attending will be treated to a drink on arrival and canapes, followed by a four-course modern dining experience.

Offering an evening of both indulgence and education, the event is perfect for all foodies, including those who wish to acquire knowledge on incorporating plant-based eating into their general diet.

Hosts of the event, Michelin trained chef, Rupert and serial foodie, Lisa, have catered for the likes of, Redrow and Jo Malone and are excited to bring their wealth of industry experience to the evening. They also want to share their own personal food journey to show guests how interesting a plant-based diet can be.

With plans for the future to create online training resources and home masterclasses, we caught up with the dynamic duo to discuss their top tips for turning vegan. As a taster, they have also shared a delicious plant-based goulash recipe for you to try for yourself at home.



Top Tips for Turning Vegan

Be Prepared
Being prepared with your meals is one of the most important factors when eating a plant based diet, it is crucial to plan for the week and have a well-stocked fridge and store cupboard. Overnight oats are a great breakfast hack for those early risers or gym goers!

Double Up
Cook it once, eat it twice. When preparing your meals think ahead, dinner one day, lunch the next, or fill the freezer with delicious homemade ready meals.

Get Excited About Food
Start exploring the different food groups to balance your diet. You will find inspiration on Instagram and there are thousands of great recipes online. Pimp your meals with little additions of nuts, seeds and dips to make your dining more wholesome. It is also easier in the beginning to 'veganise' dishes you know such as a lentil bolognese to gain confidence and learn about dairy & meat substitutes.

Vitamin Supplements
A well balanced fully plant-based diet contains everything you need to be fit and strong however due to modern day environmental factors Vitamin B12 is recommended to all adults, plant based or otherwise. It is advisable to keep an eye on your vitamin levels whatever your age or diet preference

Research When Going Out
When dining out it is key to research the restaurants you visit and check if they have a plant based menu or vegan options in advance. There are some great apps and websites such as 'Happy Cow' and 'A billion veg' which have reviews and places where to eat.

There are a limited number of places available for our Plant-Based Supper Club on Thursday 30th January. £49.50 per person to include a drink on arrival and canapes, 4-course modern dining experience and coffee with petit fours. Find out more and book.