The Chester Vintage Fair | Chester Racecourse
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The Chester Vintage Fair

The Chester Vintage Fair celebrates its 15th Year at Chester Racecourse It is really no surprise that this event has become recognised as the North of England’s premier Vintage Fair event.

The fair began way before the word Vintage ever became cool and as such has become a real Mecca for vintage enthusiasts  looking for period clothing, Jewellery, Textiles and Haberdashery.

The traders who have signed up for the event are coming from all over the UK too exhibit and they are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the items they offer for sale.

All in all make sure you don’t miss this fantastic biannual fair to complete your wardrobe or simply discover a Vintage classic to add too it ! 

Put the date into your diary and head down to The 15th anniversary of  The Chester Vintage Fair, on Sunday September 22nd for a timeless event that never gets old. 


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