About the Open Course

The Open Course is located within the centre of the race track, the ideal setting for a relaxed day at the races. Entrance to those aged 17 and under is completely free*.

Dress code

There is no dress code for this enclosure, however, due to a lack of cover we do encourage racegoers to dress for the elements.

Bringing your car

On race days, all customer car parking is on a designated area of the Open Course. Car parking can be purchased in advance via our website when booking your tickets, or on the day by cash or card. On arrival, stewards will direct you from the road outside the racecourse, right up until you park your car in its space. Customers are politely asked not to leave their cars on-site overnight and are reminded that all property and valuables are left at the owner’s risk.

Picnic policy

Racegoers on the Open Course are uniquely entitled to bring a picnic with them to the races. All Open Course ticket holders are free to bring in their own food and soft drinks either on foot or by car to the Open Course as long as all items are sealed in plastic containers. Racegoers with picnics which do not include alcohol, are free to consume their picnic anywhere they choose on the Open Course (per safety policies and stewards discretion).

A moderate amount of alcohol (two cans of beer or half a bottle of wine per person) can only be brought on to the Open Course via car. No alcohol may be brought onto the site by foot. All alcohol brought onto the site by racegoers must be consumed in the car park picnic area. No alcohol may be taken further than the car park picnic area, into the main Open Course.

BBQ’s are only allowed in the Open Course in designated areas of the car park picnic area. No BBQ’s are allowed in the main Open Course area. Please speak to a steward on the day for further guidance.


Open Course ticketholders may only enter the Open Course. They cannot go anywhere else on the racecourse (e.g. the Parade Ring). For access to the Parade Ring, racegoers need a Tattersalls ticket or above.


Foldable, camping chairs are allowed in all areas of the Open Course.

Gazebos and parasols are allowed only in the car park picnic area and are subject to a £10 fee per structure. A steward will collect this fee on the day and issue you with proof of payment.


There is no cover in the Open Course for racegoers. Racegoers are therefore advised to come dressed for the weather.

Racegoers are entitled to bring their own umbrella’s, or a gazebo or parasol (subject to the above fee).


There is very limited seating in the Open Course in the form of picnic benches. Racegoers are entitled to bring their own collapsible camping chairs.


Access is provided via the Open Course car park. The ground in the Open Course is uneven turf (grass) so may be unsuitable for customers with mobility issues.

Food/drink offering

There are a variety of vendors on the Open Course on a race day selling food and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). These vendors will accept card and cash payments however, racegoers are encouraged to bring cash just in case. There are no cash machines or cashback facilities on the Open Course.

Ball games

Racegoers are welcome to play ball games on the Open Course but in a safe and considerate manner. All ball games will be permitted at stewards discretion and we encourage racegoers to check with a steward when arriving on the best place to play. You may be asked to pause the game temporarily throughout the day during races so as to avoid any injuries to the horses or disruption to the race.

Racecards & bookmakers

There are official racecard vendors on the Open Course on race days when the Open Course is open. There are also a range of bookmakers stationed by the rails throughout the day.

Where can I access?
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