Compliments & Complaints

We value guest feedback and are always keen to hear about your experience with us.

If you would like to provide positive feedback on a visit or any part of your experience with Chester Racecourse, please complete the form below, selecting ‘compliment’.

We hope that you will not have cause for complaint.  We will always do our best to rectify any issues should they occur.  However, if for any reason we cannot assist on the day or you’d like to make a formal complaint, we kindly request that this is made in writing by using the form below, selecting the ‘complaint’ option.  We have a dedicated on-site guest services team who will read and respond to each complaint, investigating further if necessary.

Please note that during peak periods, the response time for complaints is up to 21 working days. We appreciate your patience whilst we look in to your complaint. Submitting multiple forms may slow down the response time, as it can put the case further down the queue, so we kindly request that you avoid doing this.  We apologise in advance for any delays and thank you for your patience.

To help us investigate fully, please complete all fields and  provide proof of your purchase or visit such as your booking reference number or the date / time of the incident or name of the staff member you interacted with etc.


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