Dress Code

What is the dress code at Chester Racecourse?

Each enclosure at Chester Racecourse has its own unique dress code. This ensures everyone in that enclosure is dressed to the same standard so all racegoers can enjoy a memorable trip to the races in the style each enclosure is intended for. To view the dress codes for each enclosure, please click here.

What if I have a medical condition which prevents me from complying with the dress code in an enclosure?

We understand that all racegoers are different, and it is this diversity which makes the sport so great. If you feel you will struggle to comply with the dress code in the enclosure you wish to book, please complete our short online form by clicking here. Once you have submitted this, our team will evaluate your case and respond to you as soon as they can. If they find you do have a valid exemption, you will be issued with a digital exemption letter via email from our Box Office team to show stewards and security staff on arrival at the racecourse.

What happens if I turn up at the racecourse in the wrong dress code?

We do communicate our dress code policy very clearly on multiple pages of our website, in our Plan Your Day emails which are sent before each race day to every ticket booker, as well as on the gates at the racecourse itself. In the event you do arrive and do not comply with the dress code, stewards/security staff will have to refuse you entry to that enclosure. If a gentleman missing a tie, these can be purchased from the Box Office on the day with all profits going to charity. For all other dress code violations, you may need to visit a shop in the city (a short walk from the racecourse) in order to purchase the appropriate items. We do not offer refunds on tickets due to racegoers not complying with the dress code.

Do you relax the dress code when it is hotter than usual?

We have a dedicated, passionate team of health & safety officers who continually monitor all factors which impact racegoer safety, including the weather. There are rare instances where race days are impacted by more severe forms of weather be it heavy rain or a heatwave. This is the nature of outdoor sports and something all sporting venues deal with. Our health & safety team will always monitor the official forecast leading up to a race day and will always ensure any decisions are made with racegoers safety as the highest priority. In the rare instance we do relax the dress code, we will communicate this to all racegoers clearly before the day on our website, social media channels and via email.

How do I know what meets the dress code?

A good way to see how most people dress for a day at the races, is to take a look at our social media channels. Here you’ll find plenty of images showing the kind of styles men and women wear to each fixture. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Which forms of payment do you accept?

We do not currently accept American Express or Diners Club cards however, all other major debit and credit cards are accepted across the site as well as Apple Pay and other mobile payment services. For 2022, we have begun a cashless bar trial for race meetings. Racegoers will be notified which bars are cashless via email and other means before the event. Racegoers are encouraged to bring cash for the Open Course due to the lack of signal for card machines. We also have 3 cash machines on site. More information on these can be found here.

Do you accept credit cards at betting terminals?

Due to government legislation, credit cards cannot be used to place bets. Debit cards and cash can however and are widely accepted across our site.


Can I just turn up on the day or do I need to pre-book?

At Chester Racecourse, we operate a dynamic pricing system which gives racegoers who pre-book ahead of time the best price possible. This means the earlier you book, the less you pay. You can, if you wish, arrive on the day and purchase tickets either at the gate or in the Box Office (depending on enclosure). Tickets on the gate, however, are subject to an additional price increase. Ticket sales on the day are only subject to availability, so to guarantee entry and make your arrival to the racecourse as quick and simple as possible, we advise you to pre-book.

Your website won’t let me book more than 4 tickets?

This is correct. After a careful evaluation, our teams decided to limit bookings under one name to a maximum of 4 tickets per race day. This ensures a much quicker, easier admission to the racecourse and helps keep queues to a minimum. If you require between 5 and 8 tickets, please make two bookings by creating/using an account belonging to someone else in your party. If your booking consists of 9+ people, please call our Box Office on 01244 304610.

I want to buy tickets as a gift/on behalf of somebody else. How can I do this?

If you wish to gift someone a day at Chester Races, we advise you to purchase our digital gift card by clicking here. You can put however much value you wish on the card between £20 and £500. They can then spend this when they wish on the fixture they choose.

If you’re booking on behalf of someone else (i.e. for your company/office etc.) we advise you to call our Box Office on 01244 304610 and they will be able to process this for you.

I’m trying to book online, but the fixture has disappeared?

Pre-bookings online can only be made up until midnight (00:00am) the day before the race day. For example, if a race meeting is taking place on the 25th June, you can only pre-book tickets up until midnight on 24th June. This is so that we can digitally distribute racegoers tickets in time, for those who have booked closer to the day. Any sales after this must be made in person at the Box Office.

How do I receive my tickets?

Racegoers receive their tickets either via our official app, or as e-tickets by email. All hospitality guests receive e-tickets by email which can be distributed to members of your party and scanned at the gates either on your smartphone or on paper if you choose to print it. All general admission and premium general admission racegoers will be able to access their tickets via our official app. More information on how to download the app can be found by clicking here.

Why do I need a registration code?

All customers who wish to use the app must have a registration code from us as this allows us to link the app on your device, with your Chester Racecourse ticketing account. This way your tickets will display automatically and be securely stored in the app, without the need for you to login each time. Your registration code lasts for one season at the racecourse (i.e. 2022, 2023, 2024 etc.). Once you have the app and registered it, you won’t need to do this again until the next year when you first book tickets again. Any tickets you book after you register for that same season (i.e. that year) will just automatically show up in your app.

As a group, do we all need to arrive together?

All tickets under one booking are shown in the lead bookers app and cannot be printed, screen captured or distributed after this. This means if you book on behalf of others, you all need to arrive at the gate at the same time to be scanned in together. Alternatively, please make separate bookings to give each member of your party access to their own ticket. If you are a group of 9 or more and make a booking with the Box Office, you will be given individual e-tickets for each member of your party which will allow them to enter separately if you choose.

There’s 9 or more of us coming, can we make a group booking?

Yes. All group bookings of 9 or more must be made over the phone with our Box Office team. They can be reached on 01244 304610.

What is the difference between hospitality and general admission?

Hospitality is a term which refers to racegoers who book into an enclosure where at least some of their food and drink is included. These packages also include complimentary racecards and some even include welcome drinks, unlimited bars and complimentary parking (depending on package and enclosure). We have 2 on site restaurants which become hospitality enclosures each race day, as well as other spaces across the racecourse. To find out more about these hospitality spaces, please visit the hospitality page by clicking here. General admission refers to tickets which only include admission into the racecourse. There is also a sub-category of enclosures known as premium general admission, which include additional perks and exclusivity. These are the County Long Room, Winning Post and Edinburgh Gin Garden.

What does each enclosure offer?

Each enclosure at Chester Racecourse offers a unique experience specific to that area. To learn more about what each enclosure offers, please visit the enclosures page by clicking here.

I haven’t received my e-tickets for hospitality?

Hospitality bookings are usually sent their e-tickets in the two weeks leading up to the event via email. Please keep checking your junk/spam folder as the email may have been moved there by your email provider. If you still do not have it, please get in touch with hospitality@chester-races.com at least 48 hours ahead of the race day.

I haven’t received my tickets in the app?

Tickets in the app are sent out in batches beginning two weeks before the race day. Once you make your booking, go to the app store on your device and download the Chester Racecourse app. Closer to the day, you will receive an email from HID Cloud who are our app partner. This will contain a unique link which once clicked, will link your ticketing account to the app on your phone. You won’t need to login and it will automatically show all of your tickets for you. Please check your spam/junk folder for this email from HID Cloud as your email provider may move it into this folder. If you have already downloaded the app this season and registered it, you do not need to do this again. Any more tickets you book will automatically show up in your app. If you delete the app or change your device, you will need to contact the Box Office on enquiries@chester-races.com in order to get a new link sent out to re-register your app. If you have not been able to access your tickets 48 hours before the meeting, please contact our Box Office team at enquiries@chester-races.com.

I need a carer to accompany me, do they also need to pay?

If you do require a carer to accompany you on the day, we can offer them a Companion Pass which is free of charge. For more information on this, please click here.

Can I bring a child with me?

Children are welcome in all of our enclosures except the Edinburgh Gin Garden and Winning Post Enclosure which are adult only enclosures. For general admission tickets children aged 17 or under are admitted free of charge and do not require a pre-booked ticket. They will be admitted when they arrive as long as they are with a ticket holding, responsible adult. If you are in a hospitality enclosure, you will need to pre-book a ticket for children. To do this, please contact hospitality@chester-races.com.

What is your refund policy?

Chester Racecourse do not offer refunds for racegoers unable to attend a race day. Please see our terms and conditions by clicking here for more information.


Will there be a cloakroom?

We only have a cloakroom facility in the County Stand and County Long Room. Otherwise, you will need to look after your own belongings throughout the day.

Do you have storage facilities?

No we do not have storage facilities for customers anywhere on site.

Is there WiFi?

Yes we have complimentary WiFi across our entire site for racegoers. No password or registration is required to gain access.

I’ve heard you block access to bookmaker websites via your WiFi, is this true?

No this is not true. Our WiFi systems do not block anyone from accessing betting sites that are independent.

Can I charge my phone anywhere?

Unfortunately, we do not have any facilities to charge customers electronic devices. Please ensure these are fully charged before you leave home or bring a portable power bank.

How much are racecards & where can I buy them?

Our racecards are £3 each (£5 during the Boodles May Festival). Guests in hospitality, the Winning Post and the Edinburgh Gin Garden all receive a complimentary racecard as part of their package. We have official racecard sellers across the racecourse in every enclosure with clearly branded stands.

Do you sell merchandise?

We do not currently sell any branded merchandise.

Do you sell cigarettes?

No we do not sell any tobacco products anywhere on site.

Are dogs allowed at the racecourse?

On a race day we do not allow any dogs except assistance dogs on site.

Do you allow ball games on the Open Course on race days?

Ball games are allowed in limited circumstances. Please speak to a steward when you arrive to clarify rules on the day.

Will food and drink be available?

Each enclosure boasts its own unique food offerings from a variety of racecourse owned outlets as well as third-party traders.

Can I buy hot drinks, soft drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, gluten free lager etc.?

Yes we are proud to cater to everyone’s tastes here at Chester Racecourse. Our bars serve an incredibly wide range of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We do ask however, that if you do require drinks such as gluten free beer etc., please email us at enquiries@chester-races.com to let us know. This will allow us to ensure we kept a plentiful stock on site. Please ask at the bar for more information on the day.

Can you put out an announcement over your PA system? It’s a special occasion.

Unfortunately our PA system is strictly for pre-planned commentary and emergency announcements and we cannot accommodate personal requests.

Do you host best-dressed competitions?

Yes we do! This is one of our favourite things to do on a race day. We communicate any upcoming competitions on our website, social media channels and via email ahead of race days.

Parking & Admission

Can we park on the racecourse on the day?

Yes we do offer racegoers the opportunity to park on site at the racecourse on race days. This is chargeable per car and car park passes can be purchased in advance on our website when you purchase your tickets, or on the day. Racegoers are parked in order of arrival by a team of stewards who will also direct you out of the racecourse at the end of each day. All cars and valuables are left at the owner’s risk and we do ask racegoers not to leave their cars overnight.

Do you offer disabled car parking?

Yes. We can offer disabled car parking on the Open Course with all other cars where you will be parked in a dedicated zone, closest to the entry gates or in the Holiday Inn Car Park at the racecourses main entrance. Spaces in the Holiday Inn Car Park are extremely limited and are reserved for disabled racegoers who need a hard standing surface to park on (concrete). The disabled parking on the Open Course is on grass and so may be unsuitable for some racegoers due to the uneven surface. All disabled parking must be requested via our online form which you can complete by clicking here. Once you have submitted this form, a member of our Box Office team will respond to you ASAP to either approve or decline your request.

I have issues with mobility. Can I get help getting to my enclosure?

Absolutely. We have a dedicated accessibility reception in the Holiday Inn Car Park at the main entrance which has specially trained staff and stewards who will help you get to wherever you need to be. For more information on this, please click here.

Will my bag be searched on entry?

Yes all bags are searched on entry to the racecourse. We advise you only bring a bag if absolutely necessary in order to speed up admission times.

Do you have sniffer dogs?

It is common to see sniffer (drug detection) dogs outside the racecourse at our admission gates on a race day. We also have multiple amnesty bins which allow racegoers or members of the public to anonymously, voluntarily surrender drugs, knives etc. This is all carried out to ensure racegoers at Chester have the best experience possible.

Can I bring a picnic?

Only if you are in the Open Course. All other enclosures will not allow any food or drink to pass through their gates. Additionally, alcohol may only be taken onto the Open Course Car Park Picnic Area by vehicle and must be a reasonable amount. For more information on our picnic policy, click here.

Can I bring an umbrella?

Yes we encourage racegoers to check the forecast ahead of the day.


I have a complaint. Who do I speak to?

In the first instance, please speak to a member of staff on the day. As hard as we try, sometimes things do change and we slip up. We will always do our best to rectify this and go above and beyond for our racegoers. If we can’t help on the day or you’d like to take things further, please put your complaint in writing to enquiries@chester-races.com. We have a dedicated customer service team who will read and respond to each complaint.

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