Digital Tickets – FAQs

Chester Racecourse has now introduced Digital Tickets, allowing you to use Apple Wallet or Google Wallet to store your NFC (Near-Field Communication) raceday tickets for entry into our enclosures.

NFC-enabled Digital Tickets are more secure, environmentally friendly and increase the speed of entry for guests; meaning you can spend less time queuing and more time experiencing everything that a special and immersive day out at Chester Racecourse has to offer.

Simply follow the usual process to buy your tickets online and then follow the instructions received via email.


Digital Tickets are digital passes that can be stored within Apple Wallet or Google Wallet on your smartphone using NFC (Near Field Technology).

The use of Digital Tickets on mobile devices is now commonplace for mass spectator events all over the world. Through the reduction, and eventual removal, of physical tickets and transferring to tickets being held on smartphones, venues all over the world have been able to improve security, tackle ticket touting and reduce the carbon footprint created by printing thousands of tickets for every event.

Digital Tickets at Chester Racecourse are used to enter the Roodee, Tattersalls, County Concourse, County Long Room (e-ticket for Boodles May Festival) and the Winning Post.

Those joining us in the Edinburgh Gin Garden, hospitality or in groups of 10 or more will receive e-tickets via email.

Companion passes are also issued as e-tickets.

Apple: Any iPhone 6 or above has NFC (this includes the first-generation iPhone SE) and will work with NFC ticketing. Please make sure your phone has a recent version of iOS software for best use.

Android: Most recent higher end Android devices have NFC. Occasionally you will have a logo printed on the phone, or it will appear in your taskbar (when switched on).

Otherwise, the best way to find if your phone has NFC is to find the settings for it on your phone.

For most devices, Google recommends finding the NFC settings by going to Settings on your device and using the search function to find NFC, it can then be toggled on from here. This will work for most recent Android devices.

For full information from Google, please click here and go to “Step 2: Find out if your phone has NFC”.

If these steps don’t work, your device may be setup differently.

For an android to use Google Wallet, make sure that NFC is enabled and set up correctly on your device.

  1. On your Android device, open the Settings app.
  2. In the search bar, type ‘NFC’.
  3. Make sure that the NFC setting is toggled on

Steps may differ depending on your device.

On an iPhone, the more recent models have what is called Background Tag Reading. This means that as long as the iPhone screen is on, your NFC Tag Reader is active and can read NFC tags if you place your iPhone nearby.

Older iPhone models require you to turn on the NFC Tag Reader manually in order for you to use NFC.

  1. If you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone 7, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Centre. Owners of newer models of iPhone using Face ID should swipe down from the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the Control Center.
  2. Tap the NFC Tag Reader icon to turn on NFC. You can now use NFC to interact with other devices or tags.
  3. If you don’t see the NFC Tag Reader icon in the Control Center on an iPhone 7, 8, or X, you’ll need to add it to your Control Center through Settings. Remember, you won’t find this option on the iPhone.
  4. Scroll down to the More Controls section and tap the Plus (+) icon next to NFC Tag Reader.

If you have an Android phone, please ensure that you have the Google Wallet app installed (opens in new window). The Apple Wallet app is pre-installed on iPhones.

For raceday tickets, once you have completed your purchase a confirmation email will be sent to the stated email address containing an ‘Add to Google Wallet’ button and an Apple “Add to Apple Wallet” button.

Follow the on-screen instructions on your phone to add your ticket. You can add multiple tickets if someone in your party does not have Apple Wallet or Google Wallet (remember that you will all need to enter the racecourse together).

You can check if this process has been successful by going into your Google Wallet or Apple Wallet app and going to Passes or swiping down.

Each ticket can only be sent to a wallet once, so make sure you open the link on the correct device.

Please note: tickets for the Boodles May Festival will be received instantly. Tickets for all other Chester racedays will be issued following the conclusion of the Boodles May Festival.

Yes, you will receive an individual email and ticket link to download for each guest you have purchased a ticket for. Simply forward the email on and ask your other guests to follow the instructions to add their ticket to their wallet.

As mentioned, each ticket can only be sent to a wallet once, so please ensure you open the link on the correct device.

Once your ticket has been downloaded to your mobile device, you will simply need to open your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet as you approach the entry gates for your enclosure, select the correct Raceday Digital Ticket and present it to a steward for scanning.

If you use your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet to make payments, the chip is in the same place on your mobile device, so hold that close to the reader. Our stewards will be on hand to help you.

No, the Chester Racecourse App is no longer required for attendees to access tickets.

No, a screenshot of your Digital Ticket will not permit entry. You can download your Digital Ticket from the link sent to you via email.

While scanning your Digital Ticket doesn’t require signal or connection to use, you will need to be connected to the internet to download your Digital Ticket(s) onto your mobile device.

We ask that you download your Digital Ticket(s) as soon as you receive them, and in advance of the raceday.  Once your Digital Ticket(s) have been downloaded to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, you will be able to open and use the Digital Ticket(s) without Wi-Fi or phone signal.

Damage to your mobile phone screen will not impact your entry to the racecourse, providing you are able to open the correct Digital Ticket(s) in your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Whilst the Box Office will try to help and support where possible, if you require specific technical advice regarding your mobile phone or the wallet app, we strongly advise contacting your device supplier’s support team, or Apple Wallet/Google Wallet support, to resolve error messages and other issues that relate to your device.

Click on the appropriate link for your device to visit the manufacturers’ support pages:

Apple Wallet – click here.
Google Wallet – click here.
Samsung – click here.
Google Pixel – click here.
Huawei – click here.
Sony Xperia – click here.

Please note that the racecourse is not responsible for the content of any external sites you may visit from the above links.

For any other enquiries, please contact the Box Office on 01244 304610 or email

Yes, badges will be issued on entry at the gates.

If you don’t have a phone that is compatible with NFC for Digital Tickets, please contact the Box Office to receive an e-ticket.

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