Chester Race Company has a proactive attitude to catering for disabled racegoers. Chester Racecourse is DDI compliant, however, owing to the age of the racecourse (we’ve been racing since 1539!), suitability does vary across the racecourse. To assist racegoers with disabilities or mobility restrictions we have a number of policies and services in place to help make the racing experience at Chester an enjoyable event. The services we provide on race days include a complimentary companion pass, a dedicated team based at the Accessibility Reception, viewing platforms and blue badge parking zones.

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Should you need specific assistance on the race day, please call the Box office in advance (at least 7 days prior) on 01244 304610.

Alternatively, a full breakdown of accessibility information can be viewed online at the Disabled Go website below.

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For all racegoers that are registered disabled, or have accessibility concerns we issue a Companion Pass in conjunction with their ticket or badge. The Companion Pass is the equivalent to that of the ticket purchaser and provides them with all the same access and services. In effect the Companion Pass is an additional complimentary ticket to the one purchased. To obtain a Companion Pass, please call the Box Office on 01244 304610 at least 7 days prior to the event.

We are proud to provide digital racecards to racegoers who may have visual impairments. These PDF digital racecards can be used with software to read out the contents of the racecourse to the listener through earphones or speakers. Please note, you must have the software yourself pre-installed on your device in order to do this. We cannot assist with the install of software. To request a digital racecard, please email

In our on-site hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, we have a dedicated space on race days for racegoers to go which is a quiet space with minimal sensory stimulation. This area is looked after by trained stewards and is open every race day for guests to either visit as soon as they arrive, or if they decide they need a break during the day.

In every enclosure, except for the Open Course (as chairs can be brought in by racegoers), we provide a viewing platform for racegoers with disability or mobility concerns. The viewing platforms provide a racing vantage point, a space away from the crowds. Please note, there is no seating on the viewing platforms. However, they are wheelchair friendly. The Paddock viewing platform gives particularly good views of the track and winning post.

Access will also be given to the bearer of the Companion Pass only. The viewing platforms can be used as a base for the day or as an area of respite depending upon the racegoers wishes.

Level access to the Dee Stand for wheelchair users or anyone who has difficulty with stairs can be arranged by visiting our Accessibility Hub located in the Holiday Inn car park.

Accessible parking is offered in two places on the racecourse – on the Holiday Inn Car Park at the main entrance (hardstanding), and on the Open Course near Gate 11 (on grass). We ask that you think about what style of parking is best for you, wheelchair users might find our Holiday Inn Express car park easier but for other accessible needs, our grass car park might actually be better (Open Course). For customers who are in the County Concourse, County Long Room, Leverhulme Stand, Restaurant 1539 or Private Boxes, the Holiday Inn accessible parking is the closest location, whilst the Open course is closest for those with a Roodee or Tattersalls ticket.

Hardstanding spaces are limited and so must be pre-booked, to make a request for this parking in the Holiday Inn Express car park, please fill out the form below.  Once completed, you will hear back from our Box Office team via email.  Please note: accessible parking on the Open Course does not need to be pre-booked

There is a wheelchair route throughout the racecourse. If you require assistance gaining access to the racecourse, please call the Box office in advance (at least 7 days prior) on 01244 304610. Alternatively, this can be sought at the Accessibility Reception based in the Holiday Inn Express Car Park. Lifts are available in the County, Leverhulme and Tattersalls grandstands.

There are disabled/accessibility toilets located across the entire racecourse in both general admission enclosures (e.g. The Roodee, Tattersalls etc.) and hospitality enclosures (e.g. The White Horse, Restaurant 1539 etc.). There are maps at various points on the racecourse highlighting toilet points, as well as dedicated signage. You can also ask any staff member for directions. Alternatively, if you’d like to plan ahead, please feel free to view the racecourse map below.

We enforce a strict dress code at Chester Racecourse for the benefit of all patrons attending a race day. Not only does this mean the glitz and glamour of a race day at Chester’s finest venue is maintained, it also ensures that everyone is treated equally. However, we do recognise that some racegoers have valid obstacles preventing them from complying with dress code rules. We want everyone to be able to enjoy a raceday comfortably. If you find yourself unable to apply with the dress code for a specific enclosure, please complete the form below. One of our Box Office team will get in touch with you via email following an assessment of your request.

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