“We have been different from the very beginning. No other fine jewellery brand hails from Liverpool, or has been steered by six generations of the same family for over two hundred years.

As much as a story about a fine jewellery company, it has also been a story about people exhibiting a passion for jewellery, overcoming adversity and fulfilling long held ambitions to take the business from its roots to the blossoming international reputation it has today”

Boodles is Britain’s leading luxury jeweller and jewellery design group which can trace its roots from 1798 to the blossoming international reputation it has today. Title sponsors of the iconic Boodles May Festival, perfectly combining tradition with high society style, Boodles’ long-standing relationship with Chester Racecourse spans almost two decades.

From the mining of the stone to the vision behind the design, each piece of Boodles jewellery has its own story to tell. Skilled teams work closely together to do justice to each design, creating flawless pieces that become the pride and joy of the wearer. Despite being an ancient craft and one that is reliant on the artistry and skill of the craftsman himself, Boodles collections are constantly pushing technical boundaries with complex settings, unusual balancing acts, hidden details, asymmetric design and immense precision. Allowing the personality of each gemstone to shine through is the challenge behind all that is created in the workshops. It is the expertise and creativity of the craftsmen that enable Boodles creations to come to life.

Boodles is proud to have its exceptional jewellery designs made by skilled craftsmen in the heart of London. Our jewellery is the most important testament to our standards of excellence and each piece is finished to perfection. Boodles design is varied, striking and inimitable. Collections can have a modern and fresh feel, a sense of humour, an imaginative and fantastic theme or an unpretentious and simple style but all have a strong essence of femininity and celebrate the gemstones’ beauty and splendour.

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