Started by Sir Winston Churchill in 1928, the Tote has been at the heart of British racing for over 90 years. The Tote is different to betting with a bookmaker. It’s pool betting: like a sweep stake, everyone’s bets are collected together in one big pool and then shared out. This means the Tote always welcomes winning customers.

We are on a journey to make the Tote even better by providing greater value and a more exciting betting experience.

This has started in 2020 with a new website – – along with the introduction of Tote Guarantee and Placepot Penny lines, World Pool the return of Tote Ten to Follow.

And that’s just the start.

We are reaching out to new audiences around the world. We’re particularly excited to have a strategic alliance with Tote Ireland and be bringing new pool betting innovations to British and Irish racing fans.

As the owners of Tote, the UK Tote Group is backed by racehorse owners and breeders from around the world and has an exclusive partnership with British racecourses to provide pool betting services to everyone who attends race meetings in Great Britain every year.

As part of our commitment to provide great value betting pools, the UK Tote operates the Pool Guarantee Service (PGS). Using the UK Tote’s own funds, this service seeds wagers into the pools operated by the UK Tote in order to provide robust pools into which all customers of the UK Tote can bet. By increasing the size of the overall pools, PGS helps to stabilise pricing within the pools so that the published “will-pay” figures (indicative returns to customers prior to the off) reflect as closely as possible the final UK Tote dividend that is declared after the result.

PGS is an automated system that delivers an equal distribution of wagers of pre-determined amounts into the pools. It operates exclusively on information that is publicly available and its wagers are placed at pre-determined and regular time intervals starting 4-hours from the scheduled off-times of the races.

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