Chester Racecourse App Step-by-Step Guide & FAQs

Please note that the registration code is a one-time use code so do download the app onto the device that you will be bringing with you. Each registration code is valid for one season. Each season (i.e. 2023, 2024, 2025 etc.) you will need to re-link your account by re-registering it with the code provided when you purchase your first tickets of a given season. After this, any tickets purchased for the rest of that years season will automatically load in your app as they are released.

Step-by-Step Guide to the App

Step 1) Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Chester Racecourse app to your smartphone.

Step 2) You will receive an email before the race day you have tickets for from HID Global. This will contain a button which says register and a 16-digit code unique to you. Click register and this should automatically link your app on your smartphone with your ticket account on If the button does not register the app, enter the 16-digit code in the box displayed when you open the app instead.

Step 3) Once the app has been registered, you will not need to log in to the app again. Your tickets will be displayed on the home page which is displayed instantly upon opening the app. Your tickets will be displayed as QR codes which can be scanned at the entry gates when you arrive at the racecourse.


See below for a step-by-step video guide.




Will I need to register the app or do anything else to access future fixture tickets?

No. Once the app has been registered, it is linked to your ticket account. Any tickets you purchase in the future will automatically display here once released by the racecourse in the run up to the race day.


What happens if I delete the app and re-download it?

If you delete the app from your smartphone, it will also wipe your registration. If you book tickets in the future after deleting the app, you will need to re-download the app and re-register. Please contact the Box Office for help with this.


What if I can’t get signal/WIFI on the day?

Your tickets, once released, will automatically download and be stored in your app. This means that on the day, if you are struggling to load the app at the gate, please close the app completely (and stop it running in the background), turn on your phone’s airplane mode and then re-open the app. This will automatically display your tickets. Just make sure to open the app before you leave for the racecourse when you have signal, so that the tickets can be downloaded once they’ve been released.


What if I’ve booked multiple tickets?

If you’ve booked multiple tickets, you can still use the app. The app will show all the tickets you have purchased for the fixture, and our stewards can scan these on the gate. Your party must all arrive at the same time though so that these tickets can be scanned at the same time. Individual tickets cannot be re-distributed.


What if I don’t receive the registration email or see my tickets in the app?

In the first instance, please check your spam/junk folders in your email inbox. If they are not there, get in touch with our Box Office team on 01244 304600 or email them at

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