Bespoke painting by local artist to be given as trophy on Chester’s busiest race day

Published on 11 August 2022


Ladies Day at Chester Racecourse is fast approaching. One of the busiest fixtures of the
season, Ladies Day will see tens of thousands of glamorous racegoers make their way down
to the world’s oldest racecourse still in operation.

A routine part of every raceday is the winner’s presentation ceremony after each race. Here
the victorious jockey, owners and trainer all gather to accept their race’s trophy in the
Parade Ring at the heart of the racecourse. For this fixture however, sponsor and local
business, City Framers Chester, are bucking the trend with racing trophies, and instead
providing something a little more bespoke.

City Framers in partnership with Art Box, have commissioned local artist Daniel Clorley to
create a bespoke piece of artwork to present as the trophy for City Framers race on Saturday
20th August. Art Box is a new gallery in Chester, dedicated to exhibiting pieces of art
produced exclusively by local emerging artists. Art Box currently represents over 40 artists
with over 150 unique pieces on display. On his bespoke piece, Clorley said:

“The title is ‘Chester Uprising’. The idea was to capture a movement and atmosphere with a
flow of the buildings rising…..also it’s a gentle nod to the racecourse where the horses are
racing and rising over hurdles.”

“I live in Cheshire and I am a full time airline pilot. During the pandemic the World and
Aviation got flipped on its head, I didn’t fly for the best part of a year. The silver lining for me
was picking up a paint brush again. Every day that year I was painting, reading and
obsessively studying art which has now really blossomed into a passion. I am mainly drawn
towards Landscapes/Cityscapes working only with oil paints. I like to paint representational
pieces but pushing into the abstract world. I’m a big fan of loose brushwork as well as using
palette knives and rubber shapers.”

“I was delighted to be asked by Art Box to create an original painting to be presented as a
unique prize at Chester Racecourse. I’m always striving to paint in a loose but dynamic way,
combining both abstraction & realism. For this piece I used a combination of brushes and
palette knives to create different strokes, marks and textures. It’s been fantastic working
with Rick & Liz at the Art Box, a highly dedicated and professional team. I am looking
forward to the future and continuing our partnership”.

Rick Nieto of City Framers Chester spoke fondly of the upcoming race day saying “we have
really enjoyed working with Chester Racecourse and sponsoring the City Framers Chester
Handicap stakes and the Best Dressed awards on Ladies Day. We hope that this will be the
start of a long and fruitful relationship between City Framers – Chester and Chester

Liz Dunning of Art Box added “we love Dan’s work and we are so pleased he accepted our
commission to create a unique piece for the very lucky winner, we are positive they will love
it too! The gallery is almost about to celebrate it’s 1 year anniversary and Dan was one of
our very first artists to exhibit with us. It has been great to see how his practice has
developed and the positive feedback and sales he receives. We always look forward to
receiving new work from Dan”.

The City Framers Chester EBF Fillies’ Conditions Stakes will take place at 2:30pm on Saturday
20th August at Chester Racecourse.

City Framers Chester can be found at 98 Boughton opposite Waitrose on the A51 Chester.

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