About the Roodee

The Roodee ticket brings together our Open Course and Dee Stand enclosures into one, uniquely pitched offering. New for 2023, the Roodee ticket provides racegoers with access to both sides of the track, an accessible viewing platform in the Dee Stand, limited cover and a wider selection of bars and bookmakers for the lowest price available at Chester Racecourse.

The Open Course is located within the centre of the race track, the ideal setting for a relaxed day at the races and the only space on-site which allows picnics. The Dee Stand is a hard standing enclosure located on the outside of the race track. It’s well suited to casual racegoers as well as large groups (i.e. stag/hen parties). Previously different ticket types, racegoers with the Roodee ticket can now move between these areas throughout a race day to experience the best of both worlds at amazing value.

Dress code

There is no dress code for the Roodee except that no offensive clothing and no offensive fancy dress may be worn. With very limited cover, we advise all racegoers to dress for the weather.

Bringing your own car

On race days, all customer car parking is on a designated area of the Open Course. Car parking can be purchased in advance via our website when booking your tickets, or on the day by cash or card. On arrival, stewards will direct you from the road outside the racecourse, right up until you park your car in its space. Customers are politely asked not to leave their cars on-site overnight and are reminded that all property and valuables are left at the owner’s risk.

Picnic Policy

Racegoers on the Open Course are uniquely entitled to bring a picnic with them to the races. Ticketholders may bring in their own food and soft drinks either on foot or by car to the Open Course as long as all items are sealed in plastic containers. Racegoers with picnics which do not include alcohol, are free to consume their picnic anywhere they choose on the Open Course (per safety policies and stewards discretion).

A moderate amount of alcohol (two cans of beer or half a bottle of wine per person) can only be brought on to the Open Course via car. No alcohol may be brought onto the site by foot. All alcohol brought onto the site by racegoers must be consumed in the car park picnic area. No alcohol may be taken further than the car park picnic area, into the main Open Course.

BBQ’s are only allowed in the Open Course in designated areas of the car park picnic area. No BBQ’s are allowed in the main Open Course area. Please speak to a steward on the day for further guidance.


The Roodee provides ticketholders with access to the Open Course and Dee Stand only. Please note, with this ticket you cannot access the Paddock and therefore cannot view the Parade Ring.


On limited race days, there is entertainment in the Open Course (i.e. Roman Day, Family Fun Day).

Adults only

This enclosure is accessible to all ages.


You are permitted to bring your own camping chairs to be used on the Open Course only. Racegoers may also bring a gazebo (for the Open Course Car Park Picnic Area only) in line with our gazebo policy which can be found on the plan your visit page.


There is very limited cover in the Dee Stand and no cover in the Open Course.


There is very limited seating in the Open Course in the form of picnic benches. You are permitted to bring your own camping chairs to be used in the Open Course only.


The Open Course can be entered on ground level via the car park. The Dee Stand can be entered via the Roman Walls surrounding the racecourse. This gate requires racegoers to walk down a number of steps on historic staircases. If you have mobility issues, we can provide alternative routes on flat surfaces through the County Concourse and Tattersalls Enclosure. If you need to use the alternative route, please visit the Accessibility Hub in the Holiday Inn Car Park on arrival where trained stewards will assist you. For more information on this, please click here.

The Open Course is real turf and uneven. The Dee Stand is hard-standing and flat.

Food/drink offering

There are a variety of vendors in the Dee Stand and Open Course serving food and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). These vendors accept both cash and card payments. There are no cash machines or cashback facilities on the Open Course or Dee Stand.

Ball Games

Racegoers are welcome to play ball games on the Open Course but in a safe and considerate manner. All ball games will be permitted at stewards discretion and we encourage racegoers to check with a steward when arriving on the best place to play. You may be asked to pause the game temporarily throughout the day during races so as to avoid any injuries to the horses or disruption to the race.

Racecards & bookmakers

Racecards can be bought in both the Dee Stand and Open Course. There will also be independent bookmakers in both areas.

Where can I access?
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