Celebrate heritage and history at the world's oldest racecourse

Roman Day at Chester Racecourse is a standout fixture that has been used for years to celebrate the racecourse’s long and rich history, as well as the city of Chester’s ancient roots as a hub of the Roman Empire.

Horseracing began at Chester Racecourse in 1539 – two centuries before the United States was founded. This makes Chester Racecourse the world’s oldest racecourse still in operation. In the nearly half millennium we’ve been racing, a lot of important events have taken place at both the racecourse and in the city of Chester. Roman Day provides the perfect opportunity for us to delve into this combined history and put on a show for both racing spectators and local residents.

Why not book into one of our renowned hospitality enclosures? The Final Furlong offers you an unrivaled atmosphere, as well as a front-row seat for all the action. Or maybe Restaurant 1539 is the spot you’ve been looking for, where you can get a birds eye view of the race days events. Our general admission enclosures are also set to impress, with a wide range of bars and eateries across the racecourse serving up drinks and food to suit every taste.

Make sure you book your tickets today to attend Chester Racecourse’s cultural celebration of the history of the racecourse, the city and the noble and thrilling sport of horse racing.


Please note that all tickets will be subject to a £1.25 per ticket administration fee.

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