Tip Jar

As part of our ongoing commitment to reward and recognise our teams we are trialling a new automated gratuity system within our restaurants today.

Working with ‘TipJar’ we will roll out a fair and transparent gratuity system to reward our fulltime and casual colleagues for their hard work and excellent hospitality.

If you feel your service and experience with us has been worthy of a discretionary gratuity you will have the option to add this when settling your bill at the end of the day. Rest assured this will be evenly and fairly distributed amongst the entire team working in your venue, including the chefs, the pot washer, and of course the front of house team, who all work together to make our restaurants tick!

These gratuities are then managed and distributed by our trial partner ‘TipJar’ ensuring 100% of the money ends up in the pockets of those who made your day happen!

We hope you will help us to continue supporting the hospitality industry.

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